Jackson Kibor: Chair of Men’s Conference made billions playing darts

Cantankerous farmer and politician was once Kenya’s best darts player before marital bile with wives and sons ruined his party By Undercover Reporter He paid Sh3 school fees with firewood, still dropped in class five, but became a billionaire-money coined playing darts-a popular sport in 1960s Kenya. The late Jackson Kibor who stole headlines with […]

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Double life: How dead university dropout… joined Alliance High School!

Gamaliel Isaac Mogoi left Egerton University in Fourth Year for Gachororo Primary, passed and joined Alliance High…Gamaliel was not even his name! By Special Correspondent No one knew the Form One student at Alliance High School had dropped out of university in Fourth Year, started afresh from class seven enroute to Kenya’s most prestigious school, […]

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Lilian & Juliani pre-Valentine wedding: Why women rush to get married…by hook or crook!

Women who look for men with money are the most miserable, irredeemably lost-Benjamin Zulu By Shifa Mwihaki Feature writer/Essayist Lilian Ng’ang’a, the former Machakos First Lady, dumped her loaded dude of nine years and six months later, she was holding a private wedding two weeks to Valentine’s Day. How now?  Machakos Governor Dr Alfred Mutua […]

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Chris Kirubi’s Sh20 billion Will: Ex-wife got zero, mpango’s daughter given Sh1.8 billion!

Kirubi’s brothers and sisters each got half a billion shillings but his mpango in Dubai got nothing! By Shifa Mwihaki Feature writer/Essayist The contents of the late business magnate Chris Kirubi’s Sh20 billion Will, can now be revealed: His ex-wife and mother of his two children got nothing. The two were only married long enough […]

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10 Myths of infidelity: Men cheat more than women…and sexless affairs are not cheating!

Happy couples can be adulterous and cheating without being caught, is still cheating By Shifa Mwihaki Feature writer/Essayist Infidelity, that cheating on a partner, comes in five different forms: opportunistic, obligatory, romantic, conflict romantic and commemorative. If you have cheated or are entertaining thoughts of straying, then your scenarios will fall in either of the […]