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Taste of money: Inside Chris Kirubi’s Sh30 billion inheritance to his children

Fiona Farha Kirubi, his mpango wa kando’s daughter from Dubai, won’t be forgotten By Shifa Mwihaki Feature writer/Essayist The easiest way to wealth is via inheritance-you gladly receive. And the two children of the late billionaire industrialist Chris Kirubi are in for a dizzying financial bonanza.  Kirubi once said “my major talent is making money…. […]


Naushad Merali: Third richest Kenyan…made Sh2 billion in two hours with borrowed money!

Keep emotions out of business, save that only for your wife By Undercover Reporter He made the most money of any Kenyan in the shortest time since independence: Sh2 billion in two hours, the stuff of fables. With no background in agriculture, he bought a multibillion agricultural company from a stranger-without seeing it- during a […]

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For Sh300 million, own Africa’s ‘most photographed house’ in Mlolongo!

‘That house is like being in a dream’, said William Bellamy, US Ambassador to Kenya By April Mbalu Contributing Editor/Lifestyle The priceless African Heritage House, Kenya’s most famous private home and ‘the most photographed house in Africa’ has a price tag after all. For Sh300 million you can own this scenic pad in Mlolongo, Machakos […]


Benjamin Ayimba: One husband, one roof, four breathing wives!

Nicknamed ‘Father Abraham’, rugby legend was blessed with a ‘promiscuous gene variant’ By Undercover Reporter He lived under one roof with his four breathing wives. That is quite a domestic tackle, but Kenya’s best rugby tackler-the late Benjamin Ayimba-was up to the scrum. The ragger legend, nicknamed ‘Father Abraham’ succumbed to cerebral malaria at the […]

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Broke, alcoholic, deadbeat: The chaotic, troubled life of Collins Moi

President’s grandson sued for Sh1million monthly child support, but family still in court over Moi’s Sh300 billion inheritance By GW Ngari Editor-at-Large Collins Moi, the alcoholic grandson of the late President Daniel arap Moi, was once in court over theft of his daughter’s phone. That was five years ago. Matters settled out of court. He […]


Kenyan billionaires with five suits, one pair of shoes, no M-Pesa!

The poor show off clothes, middle-class parade cars, and upper-class brag about houses…the billionaire is different By Shifa Mwihaki Feature writer/Essayist The rich are rich because, most times, they’re different: You will rarely find them on social media. They are faceless, modest, pretty understated and nowhere does this become apparent than in their dressing. While […]


Philip Ochieng: He lived like a Pasha, died like a pauper

Accountants at Nation Media often warned new journalists against living the life he had led despite his intellectual arrogance  By Undercover Reporter He never believed in God, thought the bible an ‘interesting’ book of enriching anthropology. He hated Luo traditions, wrist watches too. But he loved whiskey, three-piece Savile Row suits with paisley kerchief at […]