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Mark Too: Mpango’s kids demanding share of Sh500 million, 19 farms, houses in Muthaiga, Lavington

The mpango’s kids of late billionaire Nginyo Kariuki are also demanding a piece of his Sh4 billion estate By Shifa Mwihaki Feature writer/Essayist @UndercoverKe The late politician Mark Too had two wives and 11 children-four from mpango wa kando-and now crawling from the woodworks demanding their share of his multibillion shilling estate. It is a […]


Hosea Kiplagat: Once filthy rich ‘Tugen Mafia’ dies in suffocating debt

Former prison warden and President’s nephew was Kenya’s largest timber poles dealer By Undercover Reporter @UndercoverKe As he sipped wine at a private member’s club last Friday, death was smoking a joint waiting for Hosea Kiplagat at the Karen Hospital. Kiplagat-a Moi political orphan- had left his Karen home along Quarry Lane to Invergara Club […]


John King’ori: The only vegetation allowed in Nairobi…are vegetables!

‘I is the Mayor… I am not Mr Clean myself,’ said the fitness addict who took dumbbells to hospital By Undercover Reporter Among the many Mayors of Nairobi included a gun runner, a gambling mogul, a boxer, a runaway financier, the President’s daughter. Then there was a semi-literate comedian with investments in hospitality: John Mwangi […]