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Locust invasion: It will increase cost of dating, dancing and dying in Kenya!

A revolution marches on its stomach and a locust invasion can trigger the ‘Unga Revolution’    By Undercover Reporter @Undercover KE Those tiny winged sumbua things called desert locusts will shortly see Kenyans spending more on dates, dancing and even dying. A locust invasion also has the potential to trigger a political revolution. See, the ongoing […]

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Charles Njonjo: His business empire includes Lee Funeral Home, Sankara Hotel, 20 imported suits!

The late former Attorney General has business interests in Nairobi’s Sankara Hotel and the 60,000 acre Solio Ranch in Laikipia By GW Ngari Editor-at-Large @Undercover KE Charles Njonjo, Kenya’s former Attorney General died at 5am on Sunday morning and was cremated six hours later at the Hindu Crematorium in Kariokor, Nairobi. Njonjo was a certified […]

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Charles Njonjo: This Kenyan never cheated on wife… in 50 years!

President Kenyatta was uncomfortable being advised by the late Attorney General, then a bachelor who was still clueless about women By Shifa Mwihaki Feature writer/Essayist @Undercover KE The late Charles Njonjo, Kenya’s most famous Attorney General, died at 101 years from Pneumonia that collapsed his lungs. Unlike most men with misguided hormones, Njonjo apparently never […]

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Chris Kirubi: How Kenyans expand his business empire… morning, noon and night!

If you get sick and use a medical insurance card for biometric identification, you are making Kirubi pretty penny in what he said “is my favourite, best investment decision ever.” By GW Ngari Editor-at-Large @Undercover KE Billionaire businessman Chris Kirubi, Kenya’s homespun industrialist, returned from the USA last year after undergoing cancer treatment in Boston, […]


Far from hustlers: Are gated communities all about sharing guards, gardeners and garbage collectors?

There is a concrete difference between living in a gated community and existing in communal quarters-with a gate  By April K. Mbalu Consulting Editor @Undercover KE  Kenyans just love living in ‘gated communities’ which are now found in almost all residential areas including mabati slums. Only most Shags in rural Kenya are missing out in this […]