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Inside Mwai Kibaki’s Will: ‘Your wife is not your relative’

The crown jewel of inheritance is the Sh8 billion gated community in Gingalili farm, Nakuru County By GW Ngari Editor-at-Large Unlike other wealthy parents who favour certain children, the late President Mwai Kibaki’s Will shows his four children- three sons and a daughter-were equal in his fatherly eyes: They will equally share all cash in […]

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Collins Moi: My step-mother had love affairs with dad’s driver, Mr Kasule & my friend too!

President’s grandson threatens to demand a paternity test on his two step-brothers By Shifa Mwihaki A President’s grandson is accusing his step-mother of having children with his father’s driver and his friend too. Collins Moi, a failed spare parts dealer, is seeking Sh30 million from the late President Daniel arap Moi’s Sh300 billion fortune to […]