Justus Murunga: MP loved lodgings, big cars… but kids schooled on CDF bursary

The late chain smoking Embakasi MP Muhuri Muchiri had palatial homes, but preferred sleeping in backyard bar rooms By Undercover Reporter He preferred sleeping in lodgings, didn’t care much about dressing, but had no qualms exchanging Land Cruisers thrice in a year. When he was happy, the belly laugh came from deep down his diaphragm, […]

Money Inc

Pesa Otas: What some of Kenya’s rich… think about money!

No matter how much money you make, there will always be someone with more dough than you By GW Ngari Editor-at-Large @UndercoverKe You must have spent many sleepless nights wondering, scheming, planning, plotting, musing and dreaming how to become Mr Moneybags, a financial Kahuna. The knack for making money though, manifests itself in various guises […]


Kyale Mwendwa… and other Freemasons in Kenyatta government!

Gor Mahia chair Ambrose Rachier, Nairobi Hospital’s Dr Joseph Aluoch and former Vice President Moody Awori among loaded Masons By Undercover Reporter He was a Freemason, one of many in government including Cabinet Ministers, High Court judges, nabobs at the Central Bank of Kenya. Include also eminent doctors, lawyers, pilots, architects and engineers. Kyale Mwendwa, […]

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Crazy, stupid love: Where to fetch compatible spouses in Kenya

Luo men marry Kikuyus for cultural bragging rights and ‘kutoa tint’ but not bewitchingly brown Taita women… By Kieran Ng’endo  Contributing writer/features @UndercoverKe  You could be dating someone you know in your hearts of hearts will make your mother pray overnight, sobbing. Trying to marry from the ‘wrong tribe’ can induce grey hairs when your […]


Duncan Wachira: When criminals gifted slay queens AK-47 rifles for Valentine!

Police Commissioner almost went mad hunting down Wacucu, Wanugu and Rasta- Kenya’s baddest crooks By Undercover Reporter He was the Police Commissioner when some criminals gave chicks AK-47 assault rifles as Valentine’s Day gifts. Flowers and chocolate were too common. It was also during the tenure of Duncan Wachira, who died at 73 this week, […]

Screw Driver

Characters in rehab: One talked to a stone all day, another waited for President’s call!

At night I couldn’t sleep, people shouted and cried, people in the dorm but also the voices in my head By Shifa Mwihaki Feature writer/Essayist @UndercoverKe There are characters, and then there are characters in rehab. Former Easy FM radio presenter Brian Oduor was shipped off to a famous rehab in Karen when drugs took […]

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Marriage is slavery: But Chris Kirubi still sees quarrelsome ex-wife ‘from time to time’

I was outgoing, I wanted freedom but my wife was conservative… maybe we were not two of a kind… By Shifa Mwihaki Feature writer/Essayist @UndercoverKe Billionaire Chris Kirubi lit up conversations on marriage when he called it slavery. “Marriage is enslavement and you have to be careful. You have to agree to go into slavery […]

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Chris Kirubi: His suits cost Sh1 million each…he has enough for six months without repeating

The most expensively dressed man in Kenya also has two rooms full of shoes, over 1000 Brioni neckties By Shifa Mwihaki Feature writer/Essayist @UndercoverKe Billionaire Chris Kirubi often brags he’s easily Kenya’s most expensively dressed dude. The wool for his suits, he told Going Out Guide magazine a few years back, is bought in America […]