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Tom Mboya: Best Man ordered his killer’s hanging…without prayers, last meal

Only three people in Kenya knew of assassin Nahashon Njenga’s execution By GW Ngari Editor-at-Large Tom Mboya, the nationalist politician, was assassinated this week and later buried in an emotional ceremony on July 14, 1969.  Nahashon Isaac Njenga Njoroge was found guilty of shooting Mboya’s 39 year old body, after a trial that left more […]


Middle-class blues: Here are the cheapest, best places to live around Nairobi!

Tenants are looking for affordable comfort to complement their lavish lifestyles and access to the opposite sex By Shifa Mwihaki Feature writer/Essayist The high cost of living in Kenya has seen the middle class becoming enterprising with some peddling jungu and avocado in offices, others hawking chapatis online in gated communities. Others turned into Mama […]

Editor’s Choice

How the other half lives: Posh Kenyan homes…better than the Kubais

Wardrobes and kitchens are made by the company which makes the interiors for Mercedes By Camy Akinyi-Gecaga Contributing Editor Kenyans, mostly those living East of Uhuru highway, couldn’t help talking about the Runda home of city tycoons Peter and Isabella Kubai after daughter, Joan Kubai, excited her online fans with a video tour of their […]