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Kakamega: Home of Masten Wanjala, ugali murders, chicken kills child & men marry sisters!

Here’s why news stories range from the silly or weird to the cringe-worthy, straight-up felonies and the tragic  By Darius Okolla Researcher Kakamega dominates the locus of what would pass for interesting cultural news:  from the death of an entire lineage, tales of bullfighting, chicken kills child, cockfighting episodes, and the recent tragic student stampede. […]

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Mavuno Church: Why spiritual customers were single, searching & below 30!

PCEA is Kikuyu,  Adventists are Kisiis and Luos. Methodists are Meru. The African Inland Church has Kambas and Kalenjins. Mavuno was ‘corporate! By Shifa Mwihaki Feature writer/Essayist How Mavuno Church in Nairobi turned gospel into a multi-million shilling business proposal, is something Catholic and the Presbyterians should eye with the envy of Cain. The founders, […]

The Bar Stool with Papa Whiskey

Kusota Krisi: Auntie wa Harrier’s champagne lifestyle… on chang’aa budget!

She kept her class of preferring 15 year old whiskies at my expense We don’t like visitors. Kwanza this Christmas is even worse. For one, there is that small matter of visitors not being so keen on sanitizers, washing hands and using face masks. Most have stopped ku-gota for extended handshakes and hugs. Then this […]

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House of Lungula: Just 10 sweaty minutes are enough, woman!

Causes of low libido include poor diet. Kisii men score higher in bed from foods high in fibre which give them energy   By Camy Akinyi-Gecaga Contributing editor/Lifestyle Blue pills are in more demand than popular painkillers like Panadol. ‘Miss Rona’ has made matters worse as contracting the virus leads to decreased horsepower. Most users […]

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Success on steroids: Which Kenyans, tell me, attained self-actualization?

 If you’re always short of bundles, you and MP Moses Kuria are in the same WhatsApp group of Basic Needs! By Mbatia wa Njambi Visiting Thinker You must have heard of a dude called Abraham Maslow. This psychologist is credited with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs-with self-actualization as the highest level in the five tier pyramid. […]

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Senator Kabaka: Cheating hubby, hot mpango, Blue pills & makali…equals heart attack!

Most victims are older men after excessive food and alcohol with a younger woman in unfamiliar surroundings By Shifa Mwihaki Feature writer/Essayist It was not the first time the late shadowy Machakos Senator Boniface Kabaka, a man with two breathing wives- but now fighting for his life at the ICU- was driving himself for a […]