John King’ori: The only vegetation allowed in Nairobi…are vegetables!

‘I is the Mayor… I am not Mr Clean myself,’ said the fitness addict who took dumbbells to hospital By Undercover Reporter Among the many Mayors of Nairobi included a gun runner, a gambling mogul, a boxer, a runaway financier, the President’s daughter. Then there was a semi-literate comedian with investments in hospitality: John Mwangi […]

Screw Driver

Range Rover love: How Daddy Owen’s wife fell for 53 year old tycoon

Farida Wambui’s parents refused to take ruracio from Daddy Owen’s family. They also skipped her wedding By Camy Akinyi-Gecaga Contributing editor/Lifestyle It does not end wrong-even in most marriages-it starts wrong. Gospel musician Daddy Owen was dumped by his fetching yellow-yellow wife, Farida Wambui, before Christmas last year. But red flags started four year’s earlier-with […]