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Prof George Wajackoyah: The spy who knew too much…was to be killed in military hospital!

Wajackoyah and fellow Special Branch officers used phone tapping to nail culprits in the murder of Dr Robert Ouko By GW Ngari Editor-at-Large By now you know that Prof George Wajackoyah, a Presidential aspirant in this year’s General Election, was to be killed in 1990-the year Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Robert Ouko, was assassinated in […]

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Double life: How dead university dropout… joined Alliance High School!

Gamaliel Isaac Mogoi left Egerton University in Fourth Year for Gachororo Primary, passed and joined Alliance High…Gamaliel was not even his name! By Special Correspondent No one knew the Form One student at Alliance High School had dropped out of university in Fourth Year, started afresh from class seven enroute to Kenya’s most prestigious school, […]

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Kiambu couple: Here is the life of ill-fated lovers in pictures!

Acid-tempered spares parts dealer Jonathan Mukundi had made up his mind. Both he and estranged wife Philomena Njeri were going to die that Monday night   By Shifaa Mwihaki Feature writer/Essayist Friends and family say spare parts dealer Jonathan Mukundi and wife Philomena Njeri were star-crossed lovers, ill fated for each other despite open displays […]

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Senator Kabaka: Cheating hubby, hot mpango, Blue pills & makali…equals heart attack!

Most victims are older men after excessive food and alcohol with a younger woman in unfamiliar surroundings By Shifa Mwihaki Feature writer/Essayist It was not the first time the late shadowy Machakos Senator Boniface Kabaka, a man with two breathing wives- but now fighting for his life at the ICU- was driving himself for a […]

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The vulture is a patient bird: Juju, graveside tours, Invisible Sheikhs…and Sh100 million red mercury con deal!

Voices in a cave demanded that lawyer Aziz Musa bring ‘a big white towel, three big white candles and two camels-which cost Sh200, 000’ By Pascal Owade Contributing Editor/Crime It was a case of greed, red mercury, juju, graveside tours, camel meat and money hungry ‘Invisible Sheikhs’ in dark caves that led a lawyer to […]

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Evans Kidero: Divorce, murder allegations in Sh58 million money trail!

Former governor worth Sh9 billion including his Muthaiga home, Gem Suites in Riverside Drive, Muthaiga Heights…but there’s that small matter of slain lawyer Steven Kariuki By Pascal Owade Contributing editor/crime @UndercoverKe Hot on the heels of an imminent divorce, former Nairobi governor Dr Evans Kidero’s corruption charges could spiral into a murder investigation.  Dr Susan Mboya-Kidero […]

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Kilimani: The capital of murders, drugs, gun runners and scammers

Never mind President Uhuru Kenyatta lives in State House which is in Kilimani By Pascal Owade Contributing editor/crime @UndercoverKe Drug dealers, gun runners, money launderers and gold scammers all find a home in Nairobi’s Kilimani-the place of wild parties and more often, murders. Not a  month passes before police are called in on something that […]

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Polycarp Igathe’s Sh40 million Bentley…one of only 50 in the world, five in Kenya!

This also means his pay slip reads better than most thriller novels By Shifa Mwihaki Feature writer/Essayist Former Nairobi Deputy Governor Polycarp Igathe also gets stuck in Nairobi traffic, but unlike you and me, it’s inside the head turning Sh40 million luxury Bentley. That cost is minus insurance, fuel and maintenance. Igathe’s 2018 Bentley Bentayga […]