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Collins Moi: My step-mother had love affairs with dad’s driver, Mr Kasule & my friend too!

President’s grandson threatens to demand a paternity test on his two step-brothers

It’s my turn to eat: Collins Moi has sued Moi family lawyer, Jacky Janmohammed-who he says has charged Sh50 million as legal fees- for not only excluding him from the will, but also for disposing properties without involving other beneficiaries, except his uncle, ex-Baringo Senator Gideon Moi. He told the court that his grandpa’s estate is spread in England, Australia and Malawi-where the family has a tobacco plantation.

By Shifa Mwihaki

A President’s grandson is accusing his step-mother of having children with his father’s driver and his friend too.

Collins Moi, a failed spare parts dealer, is seeking Sh30 million from the late President Daniel arap Moi’s Sh300 billion fortune to sort out his financial mess. He is accusing his step-mother, Sylvia Cherotich Moi, of infidelity which hurt his late father, rally driver and businessman, Jonathan Toroitich.

Collins says her cheating was why the marriage collapsed 10 years before his father’s death in 2019. Sylvia has estimated Jonathan’s estate at Sh30 million, a figure Collins who is also seeking his share of it, has disputed. Jonathan, who was not in good terms with President Moi, had no written Will hence the Succession wrangles in court.

Sylvia’s shameless affairs with several men included my late father’s driver, Kasule

The restless widow: Sylvia Cherotich Moi during the burial of Jonathan Moi who sired 12 children with different women. ‘You wouldn’t even know he was the President’s son,’ Sylvia recalled meeting Jonathan in 1981. ‘He was a president’s son, my father was a pastor. I did not think I belonged to his class.’

The 45 year old Collins, in his petition alleges that Sylvia had “numerous” extramarital affairs and the paternity of his step-brothers Clint and Wayne, are thus questionable.

“Sylvia’s numerous and shameless affairs with several men including my late father’s (JT) driver Kasule and my long time friend Steve Samoei [were] a source of great pain and embarrassment to my father,” claims Collins who threatened to demand a paternity test when push comes to shove.

In her response, Sylvia, argues that Collins is irresponsible, unable to support himself and his dependents and thus unfit as a co-administrator. Collins, she adds, was enrolled in a flying college in the USA, but halfway dropped out of the pilot’s course.

“He has time and again proved that he lacks [a] sense of responsibility by misusing his fees, suffers from chronic alcoholism, neglected his wife and children in America and two others he got with (Gladys Jeruto Tagi),  leading to court proceedings in Nakuru and has never shown interest in doing anything meaningful for himself,” says Sylvia in her petition.

His depression and alcoholism resulted in collapse of his motor vehicle spare parts business

Daughter of the mountain: Faith Nyambura and Jonathan Moi. She has also sued Sylvia for a piece of Jonathan’s Sh30 million estate. Also at stake is Jonathan’s inheritance from President Moi whose interests comprise; real estate, property, large-scale agriculture, logistics, education, hospitality, horticulture, finance, aviation, manufacturing, media, agri-business, warehousing, security and construction besides hard, cold cash in local and offshore accounts all estimated at Sh300 billion.

Collins has since been cohabiting with Marsha Amario, daughter of the late controversial Naivasha winemaker, Fai Amario-and who is also in court over upkeep from step-siblings.

As for the alcoholism for which he has been in and out of rehab, Collins claims his step-mother’s cruelty since childhood, coupled with denial of inheritance led to his unemployment, homelessness and eventual depression and alcoholism resulting in the collapse of his motor vehicle spare parts business.

The loss of income saw his estranged wife, former MCA aspirant, Gladys seeking Sh1 million in support of their two children, but which he can’t, providing he has even been evicted from his rental house over Sh240, 000 rent arrears.

The dysfunctional Moi family is a pointer that the grass is not always greener

Boys II Men: Blue eyed boy, Gideon, hot head Philip, angry dad Moi and the late Jonathan Moi. Distribution of Moi’s estate seems to have started with the retiring John Mark Moi, his second child (not in photo), receiving 3.8 million Stanchart shares worth Sh520 million from Kabarak Ltd,  the second largest shareholder in the lender. The shares were transferred to Shawmut Ltd, a real estate firm ran by his wife, Eunice Moi.
The ever broke Philip Moi and his son, Alex Kibet got 424, 100 shares worth Sh60 million. Collins Moi is demanding his father’s share of the inheritance-in which all four Moi’s daughters got Sh100 million each besides properties and company shares.

“I have always taken care of my undisputed children and dependents but I am however unable to do so due to my dire financial situation,” Collins laments in his petition.

To reverse his financial fortunes, Collins is praying that the court enjoins him as the co-administrator of his father’s estate. He also seeks to be enjoined in the distribution of President Moi’s fortune so as to get his father’s share. He told the court properties are being sold without his involvement under family lawyer, Jacky Janmohammed. Collins says since his guka died in February 2020, the Mois have disposed their majority stake in Transnational bank to Access bank of Nigeria for Sh1.4 billion and 51 percent stake in Siginon Aviation to a Kuwaiti firm for Sh1.7 billion.

Jonathan Moi had sired children with other women and besides Collins, Sylvia is also battling  Beatrice Mbuli and Faith Nyambura –who are also lunging for Jonathan’s estate. The dysfunctional Moi family is a pointer that the grass is not always greener. The case continues.


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