Nginyo Kariuki: Manure made him a stinking rich billionaire

His flagship businesses include the Swiss Lenana Mount Hotel in Milimani and Nginyo Towers along Koinange street By Undercover Reporter @Undercover KE He was a poor, orphaned young adult of 25 when Kenya earned her independence in 1963.  Lawrence Nginyo Kariuki died this February 24, an old billionaire business magnate-who coined his dough from selling […]

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Mr President, you were to demolish 4000 buildings, what happened?

Tearing down buildings and the current Sh39 billion military arms scandal are about stopping one man’s presidential ambitions   By V.C. Jodi Ochieng’ Political economist @Undercover KE Remember the green bulldozer that terrorized neighbourhoods with demolition of multibillion buildings in 2018? It turns out it was all about President Uhuru Kenyatta and the Deep State […]

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Old Girls Reunion: Meet the brainbox, the lucky geese…na yule dame ali beat!

Reunions come with deep emotions, nervousness and anxieties of how one measured up against the rest By Shifa Mwihaki Feature writer/Essayist @Undercover KE This is how a woman prepares for an Old Girl’s Reunion: She buys 10 outfits, three months in advance and tries them out during weddings and other social gatherings. The one which […]