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Sweet 16: Why Kambas are ageless…like Ngilu, Kalonzo!

Radio queen Cess Mutungi turned 50 but looks 30. So does Esther Musila…here is the secret of their age defying looks… By Kieran Ngendo Contributing Writer/Lifestyle Kambas have this ageless look about them. Think Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu. She is a cucu, but still resembles a moneyed mama just hitting 40. She is 69, shrugging […]


Middle-class blues: The cheapest, best places to live in Nairobi

Tenants are looking for affordable comfort to complement their lavish lifestyles and access to the opposite sex By Shifa Mwihaki Feature writer/Essayist This pandemic, I tell you, has seen the pretentious Kenyan middle class becoming Mama Mbogas from the boot of their cars. It is no longer a big deal being a ‘boot-preneur,’ selling waru […]


Lockdown manenos: Isolating with Kenya’s super rich…

The loaded are different- from playing solo golf, indoor pools to flying over police road blocks By Brian Guserwa and Shifa Mwihaki Contributing writers Condemned to their sprawling mansions, Kenya’s super rich are not isolating like you and I with noisy, nosy neighbours. Flamboyant city lawyer Donald Kipkorir recently twitted photos of the rains ruining […]

This week in History

Kenyatta made me walk butt naked, drink human blood!

Rawson Macharia confessed to walking seven times in an arch of banana leaves before sipping from Kenyatta’s hands By GW Ngari Editor-at-Large He missed a chance to attend Alliance High School over Sh150-annual fee- in 1934. Missing out on Alliance because of money pained Rawson Macharia for over 70 years. Now imagine how it felt […]

JM Kariuki: Playboy lover of President Kenyatta’s daughter

Bazuu maridhe!

Mashujaa Day: Hot eggs, snakes and gun barrels were thrust up their butts!