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Lockdown manenos: Isolating with Kenya’s super rich…

The loaded are different- from playing solo golf, indoor pools to flying over police road blocks By Brian Guserwa and Shifa Mwihaki Contributing writers Condemned to their sprawling mansions, Kenya’s super rich are not isolating like you and I with noisy, nosy neighbours. Flamboyant city lawyer Donald Kipkorir recently twitted photos of the rains ruining […]


Come we stay, out you go: The 12 causes of marital conflict in Kenya

Getting into marriage with ill-motivated reasons leads to frustration and a lot of stress By Shifa Mwihaki Feature writer/Essayist @Undercover KE Of the dozen couples on honeymoon this week, half won’t be in talking terms before the Locust Invasion comes to an end. A third will have called it quits before Kenya gets its fifth […]


Far from hustlers: Are gated communities all about sharing guards, gardeners and garbage collectors?

There is a concrete difference between living in a gated community and existing in communal quarters-with a gate  By April K. Mbalu Consulting Editor @Undercover KE  Kenyans just love living in ‘gated communities’ which are now found in almost all residential areas including mabati slums. Only most Shags in rural Kenya are missing out in this […]