Kenyan billionaires with five suits, one pair of shoes, no M-Pesa!

The poor show off clothes, middle-class parade cars, and upper-class brag about houses…the billionaire is different By Shifa Mwihaki Feature writer/Essayist The rich are rich because, most times, they’re different: You will rarely find them on social media. They are faceless, modest, pretty understated and nowhere does this become apparent than in their dressing. While […]


Middle-class blues: Here are the cheapest, best places to live around Nairobi!

Tenants are looking for affordable comfort to complement their lavish lifestyles and access to the opposite sex By Shifa Mwihaki Feature writer/Essayist The high cost of living in Kenya has seen the middle class becoming enterprising with some peddling jungu and avocado in offices, others hawking chapatis online in gated communities. Others turned into Mama […]


Far from hustlers: Are gated communities all about sharing guards, gardeners and garbage collectors?

There is a concrete difference between living in a gated community and existing in communal quarters-with a gate  By April K. Mbalu Consulting Editor @Undercover KE  Kenyans just love living in ‘gated communities’ which are now found in almost all residential areas including mabati slums. Only most Shags in rural Kenya are missing out in this […]

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Hakuna pesa: How you shop out of budget… and why supermarkets should sell mutura!

Women spend more time loitering in supermarkets comparing prices, checking expiry dates, smelling perfumes and lotions By Shifa Mwihaki Feature Writer/Essayist @Undercover KE You must have entered a supermarket… not once, not twice… with the intention of buying the Sh80 yoghurt only to end up with a trolley that dents Sh5000 into your wallet. Despite […]


Seven year itch: Why graduate Kenyan wives cheat more than class six drop outs

Men have extramarital affairs when the wife is sick (and pregnancy falls in this category), has poor cooking skills, untidy home, poor hygiene or is too busy with work, church and the brats By Camy Akinyi-Gecaga Contributing Editor @Undercover KE Your cute God fearing wife can claim to experience ‘marital satisfaction’ but still cheat on […]