Undercover On Sunday

Mamma Mia: Why Kenyan women invite therapists, pastors to bridal showers!

The hottest properties are paid male speakers to give tips, sometimes with Practicals By Camy Akinyi-Gecaga Contributing Editor If you are a working class Kenyan woman who has chewed books, then you must have been invited to one of those bridal showers now gaining  currency-with therapists and male pastors in attendance.   Traditionally, bridal showers […]

Money Inc

Hata ndururu: Sh150 million in cash, Tob Cohen left Wairimu’s daughter with nothing!

Renee Chettle was left with a good education, society wedding and a good job at Shell By Shifa Mwihaki Feature Writer/Essayist @Undercover KE The late Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen took his step-daughter, Renee Chettle, to the best schools, but left her with no inheritance in his will. Renee is the daughter of Sarah Wairimu-Cohen, a […]