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Stingy Men Association: Why President Kibaki never gave money, threw drinks…carry a wallet!

Why do women and the society dislike the loaded who are mean, yet it’s their money? By GW Ngari Editor-at-Large Some Kenyan men could do very well as faces of the online Stingy Men Association of Kenya. Like the late President Mwai Kibaki who died aged 90. He was a well-documented tightwads whose stinginess bordered […]

Weekend Mail

Hustler vs Dynasty: Kenya still a country of ten millionaires & ten million beggars

The poor see themselves as the good children of light fighting evil forces of darkness By Canon Francis Omondi Adjunct lecturer, St. Paul’s University Stifling the “hustler” vs “dynasty” debate will not save us from the imminent implosion resulting from Kenya’s obscene inequalities. While the debate is a welcome distraction from our frequent divisive tribal […]

Money Inc

Mark Too: Mpango’s kids demanding share of Sh500 million, 19 farms, houses in Muthaiga, Lavington

The mpango’s kids of late billionaire Nginyo Kariuki are also demanding a piece of his Sh4 billion estate By Shifa Mwihaki Feature writer/Essayist @UndercoverKe The late politician Mark Too had two wives and 11 children-four from mpango wa kando-and now crawling from the woodworks demanding their share of his multibillion shilling estate. It is a […]


Hosea Kiplagat: Once filthy rich ‘Tugen Mafia’ dies in suffocating debt

Former prison warden and President’s nephew was Kenya’s largest timber poles dealer By Undercover Reporter @UndercoverKe As he sipped wine at a private member’s club last Friday, death was smoking a joint waiting for Hosea Kiplagat at the Karen Hospital. Kiplagat-a Moi political orphan- had left his Karen home along Quarry Lane to Invergara Club […]