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House of Lungula: Forget Blue Pills dude…just use kukumanga!

This fruit is a tasty way of increasing sex drive, mood, improving sperm quality

Bedroom Horsepower: Kenyan men have died after consuming Blue Pills to prove their prowess in bed. Yet pomegranate fruit popular as kukumanga, increases mood, improves sperm quality and boosts  sex drive. Besides the Boy Child, kukumanga works magic for women as they also need testosterone for their sex drive. Kukumanga also helps prevent breast and prostate cancer, heart diseases besides decreasing inflammation and fighting harmful free radicals that accelerate ageing.

By Ayoki Onyango

Special Correspondent

You must have heard about Kukumanga and its capacity to increase bedroom horsepower. This fruit known as pomegranate in English, according to experts, is better than using Blue Pills which have made some men meet St Peter sooner than later.

Dr Charles Wanyonyi, a gynenocologist at City Family Clinic, says kukumanga can come in handy for men with diminished libido and other sexual anxieties including erectile dysfunction. 

Dr Wanyonyi explains that kukumanga is a super fruit filled with antioxidants that increase mood, improve sperm quality and boost testosterone levels responsible for increased  sex drive.

Kukumanga improves blood circulation needed to achieve an erection

The wind cries Mary: ‘If you have been losing your interest in sex, you may be suffering from low testosterone levels, says Dr Jude Onunga. ‘I always recommend increasing testosterone levels the natural way before resorting to costly (and often ineffective) testosterone replacement therapies to my patients.’

Kukumanga, has thrice the antioxidants in red wine, Amarula and even green tea and it’s these antioxidants which  improve blood circulation needed to achieve an erection.

Low levels of testosterone translate to low energy, depression, diminished libido and brain fog and “if you are looking to improve your sexual health, you need to add pomegranate to your daily lineup. From juice to seeds to supplement extracts, it is easy to enhance your life with the wonders of pomegranate,” offers Dr Wanyonyi adding that kukumanga also has nitrates which improve blood flow to the muscles hence improving performance, efficiency and endurance.   

Besides the Boy Child, kukumanga works magic for women as they also need testosterone for their sex drive besides regulating estrogen levels since too much of it, can interfere with libido via blocking production of testosterone.

Suffering from high blood pressure and damaged arteries can restrict blood flow causing erectile dysfunction

Blue murder: Instead of using Blue Pills for which men have been found dead in lodging besides weeping dates, buy fresh, organic kukumanga from a grocery. Scoop out the seeds and place in a bowl filled with water. The seeds will sink to the bottom, and their white goopy membrane will float to the top. Strain the water, which will clean the seeds and remove the membrane. Place the seeds in a blender and blend to a pulp. Strain the seed mixture. Add water and add sweetener to taste. Eat the rest of the pomegranate or use in your cooking.

Dr Jude Onunga, explains that low levels of testosterone means low libido which in turn means a low sex drive and  “a daily intake of kukumanga is one of the easiest and tastiest ways to improve your testosterone.”

A man also needs  proper blood flow for the penis to fill with blood and get ‘hard’, but suffering from high blood pressure, damaged arteries, or vascular problems can restrict blood flow thus causing erectile dysfunction. But Dr Onunga says drinking 100 percent kukumanga juice can reduce systolic blood pressure with “ promising acute hypertensive properties”  and lowered blood pressure helps to promote blood flow to the penis due to the high antioxidant in pomegranates which stops free radicals from inhibiting blood flow.

 The vitamins and minerals in kukumanga also fight rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain, body swells,  dementia and prostate cancer. They lower cholesterol, remove arterial deposits (bad cholesterol), limit inflammation and open up blood vessels, and thus reducing  the risk of heart diseases-which are another cause of erectile dysfunction and lowered libido. 

Kukumanga increases sperm quality and is ideal for couples intending to populate the earth

Liquid libido: Patients on one glass of kukumanga juice a day for two weeks experience increase in positive emotions, self-confidence, heightened mood and lowered feelings of shyness, fear and sadness. 

Dr. Onunga says daily intake of kukumanga seed oil for four weeks lowers bad deposits and raises good cholesterol which is good for those with type 2 diabetes.

Being overweight can cause erectile dysfunction and kukumanga has been known to fight obesity by curbing hunger pangs and improving satiation levels as kukumanga has polyphenols (a specific type of antioxidant) which acts as an appetite suppressants.

  Dr Onunga says men who drink kukumanga juice significantly increase their sperm quality and ‘healthy’ sperm refers to quantity, movement, structure and fertility of the sperm and thus kukumanga is ideal for couples intending to populate the earth. 

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