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Bishop David Muriithi: Chewing church sheep…without fear of hell at House of Grace!

One pastor’s bride left a suicide note reading: ‘bury me at Lang’ata next to dad and my brother Patrick’

Listen, honey: House of Bishop David Muriithi and his wife of 27 years, Pastor Ronica Muriithi. The founder of House of Grace church admitted to having a mpango wa kando who has taken him court over child support.
Why do men of God cheat on their wives? Well, there are various reasons: Power, opportunity, narcissism, desire for instant gratification, poor self-control, false feeling of invisibility, delusions of grandeur and suffering from ‘congregational expectations’ leading to workaholism and poor family life.
Most women also easily fall for power and when you add prophesy, pastors win hands down, especially when they feel its part payback for their empathy, according to Ray Carrol’s book, Fallen Pastor: Finding Restoration in a Broken World. Sharing emotional burden of their parishioners leads of close emotional reciprocation leading to infidelity.

By Mbatia wa Njambi

Visiting Thinker

Bishops and pastors at the House of Grace drive women up the wall: One Bishop remarried, wed in church…without divorcing his first wife. That is committing bigamy and against the law! Another randy pastor’s bride attempted suicide with high blood pressure tablets. And recently, church founder, Bishop David Muriithi, admitted to a fling with Judy Mutave, his former mpango.

House of Grace is indeed, slowly descending into disgrace, with the scandal ridden Bishop Muriithi now battling child support in court even as he demands for a DNA test to ascertain paternity of the son.  

  It is not the first time the flashy bishop is getting into an entanglement. Before Judy, was sassy businesswoman, Diana Chebet. But the bishop and Chebet denied having an affair following a tiff when Muriithi collided with a top Jubilee aide at Chebet’s Lavington home. But he admitted knowing Chebet since “we play golf together.”

It will be interesting to see what the DNA results will reveal

Midnight snack: Judy Mutave, who has a child from a previous relationship, is demanding Sh100, 000 as monthly upkeep for the son she alleges they sired. But Bishop Muriithi, a golfer, argues that he depends on the sheep at his church and can hardly afford Sh1000 for her salon, Sh2000 for the boy’s  toys, Sh10,000 for Miss Mboch and even Sh35, 000 for rent and Sh78, 000 as Playgroup fees at Kiota School was way above his humble income which has been ravaged by the pandemic.

Married pastors and bishops having mpangos is one issue which has dogged the church for a while with claims some prey, while praying. It will be interesting to see what the DNA results will reveal!

Then there was the case of Pastor ‘G’ (Anthony Gatonye Munene) of House of Grace Rongai. His fiancée, Becky Gitahi left a suicide note with both their photos attached in January 2017 three months to their wedding.

Becky had given him all her keys, ATM cards and car and in the suicide note, Becky Gitahi, then a hotel manager, accused Pastor ‘G’ of swindling her of cash, misusing and mentally torturing her. ‘Kindly bury me at Lang’ata next to dad and my brother Patrick’ the suicide note read in part.

Your parents are wonderful and I loved them, you have made me choose this direction of dying

Father Abraham: Becky Gitahi thought she had found love in Pastor ‘G’ of House of Grace Rongai. That was before she found out that she was one of many women in his life. Becky swallowed countless high blood pressure tables and left a suicide note reading:
Anthony: I loved you but you did not realize, you have caused me pain, your parents are wonderful and I loved them, you have made me choose this direction of dying.

I know Daniel (her son) will be so sad for losing me but all these have been caused by you Anthony Munene, but I know one day we shall meet in better place.

Anthony: I shared my money, you swindled my money. I leave it for you. Kindly bury me at Lang’ata next to dad and my brother Patrick…

Before meeting Becky at House of Grace Nairobi West where he was a guest preacher, Pastor ‘G’ was a divorced father of two. His ex-wife left him with their two kids over allegations of infidelity.

After his wife scattered, the pastor introduced three other chicks to his family. He even paid bride price for one of them, but her family refunded it after endless domestic issues.

Then came Becky, mother of one. Despite repeated warning against dating Pastor ‘G’ she decided to cohabit in between making wedding plans. That was before Becky found endless steamy texts from other women and once a handwritten love note was slipped under their door.

Most pastors are prone to personality disorders

Huffing and puffing: Many women were warned against falling in love with Pastor ‘G’ but never listened including Becky Gitahi. Ray Carrol in Fallen Pastor notes that some pastors are also narcissists and end up in positions of leadership. Pathological narcissism might lead to affairs which provide one with validation and admiration and most pastors are prone to personality disorders though this does not mean Pastor ‘G’ falls in that category.
But many people who gravitate towards church leadership come from abject poverty, dysfunctional families, experimented with drugs and alcohol or served jail terms.

Becky also found other women’s clothes in Pastor ‘G’s bedroom including panties but when questioned, he claimed they belonged to his niece.

 Becky suggested they live apart until their wedding as colleagues would discover they were cohabiting yet House of Grace does not allow ‘living in sin.’ Becky decided to end the affair before overdosing using high blood pressure tablets and was found unconscious in bed by a visiting friend who rushed her to Nairobi West Hospital where she was later discharged on January 24.

  Pastor ‘G’ later said his relationship with Becky was “done and dusted, a closed chapter. I’m done with her.” Bishop Muriithi later explained that Becky went berserk after Pastor ‘G’ ended the affair yet “a broken relationship is better than broken marriage. Anthony ended the relationship for reasons only known to him.”

Shameless bitch, you think I will accept you?…you are doomed and divorced!

Open market: Rev Michael Muteti Musango who has since formed his own Fountain of Grace Ministries was accused by his wife, Pastor Evelyne Akinyi of having affairs with married church ushers going by their steamy text messages, besides sneaking another woman, Rev Mercy Waruguru Wachira (above) , as a co-director and shareholder in a family company. The two wed in December last year.

It read in part: “I’ve found the lady you are dating (Becky), she is beautiful and I can see the comparison between me and her that is why you have been hiding from me”.

I know you heard about Rev Michael Muteti Musango, another pastor, formerly at the House of Grace in Athi River who in 2017 divorced Pastor Evelyne Akinyi, his wife of 20 years over allegations of infidelity.

Pastor Akinyi also claimed she found Rev Mercy Waruguru Wachira who runs the Agape Lighthouse Church in Kasarani, Nairobi, driving her hubby’s ride when he was abroad.

Akinyi retraces the troubles to Pastor Musango sleeping around with a married church usher

Cold concrete: Pastor Akinyi went to their family home in Lukenya only to find Rev Wachira’s daughter was there for a sleepover. “It was strange because we have grown-up sons only,” she recalled. Following their tussle, Bishop David Muriithi sent them on compulsory leave to “address unresolved issues in your marriage that have gone on for years and have affected the church in a negative way.”

When she confronted him, Musango sent her text messages calling her “shameless bitch” with moral deficiency. “You think I will ever accept you back? You are doomed and divorced,” read part of the message.

Pastor Akinyi retraces the troubles in their marriage to Pastor Musango sleeping around with one Damaris Michino, a married church usher whose text messages were to the effect that Musango was a “better jogoo” besides descriptions of ‘erotic touch buttons.’  

‘Baby daddy lawyer’ Danstan Omari currently representing Judy Mutave against Bishop Muriithi

Squeezing dead beat balls: City lawyer Danstan Omari has been the to go advocate in child support and divorce cases with the most famous being Senator Mithika Linturi and Maryanne Kitany. Omari is currently representing Judy Mutave against Bishop Muriithi. He has also sued other high profile personalities over child upkeep including; Senator Ken Lusaka and Charles Nyachae, . He has explained that “as a teacher, I dealt with a lot of family issues. I was a counselor, a deputy principal and I got to understand society can’t function without the family unit.”

Pastor Akinyi went for a 10-day conference abroad and but upon returning found Pastor Musango had moved houses from their rented house in Sabaki to their new home in Lukenya “leaving me with a few old furniture and other items.”

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