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Double life: How dead university dropout… joined Alliance High School!

Gamaliel Isaac Mogoi left Egerton University in Fourth Year for Gachororo Primary, passed and joined Alliance High…Gamaliel was not even his name!

Catch me, if you can: Gamaliel Isaac Mogoi, was almost 30 and the age mate of some teachers at Alliance High. Were it not for inciting students to burn the school, no one would have found out that he was raising money for his own burial inside the dorms.

By Special Correspondent

No one knew the Form One student at Alliance High School had dropped out of university in Fourth Year, started afresh from class seven enroute to Kenya’s most prestigious school, that January 2020.
No one also knew that Gamaliel Isaac Mogoi, almost 30 and the age mate of some teachers, had been to two previous high schools and reported himself dead in one. Mogoi, posing as his brother, sent the death announcement on the alumni Facebook page of Mutuini High School with a cell phone number for burial contributions.

Mogoi sent the message that read: “It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of my brother and confidant, the late Mr. Lloyd Abednego Mogoi. He died last night at Modern Hospital, Juja as a result of diabetes and a failing heart.”

Mogoi was checking out donations inside Githaiga House at Alliance where no one would have known Gamaliel was really not even his real name.

Mogoi would have fooled everyone. He probably would have never been caught. But then came the spate of school fires that engulfed the country that year and he began inciting fellow students- 15 years his junior -to burn Alliance.

Shortly, student spies spilled Mogoi’s beans triggering a series of interrogations which uncovered his 18 years of deceit

Come and find me: William Mwangi, the Chief Principal at Alliance later told a local daily that Mogoi was unmasked for “inciting other students… he was an inciter and that is what led us to try and understand where he came from, and bit by bit, the layers around him started to fall off.”

Shortly, the student spies spilled Mogoi’s beans triggering a series of interrogations which uncovered his 18 years of deceit, a double life for Gamaliel Isaac Mogoi real name Lloyd Abednego Mogoi who was eventually arraigned at the Kikuyu Law Courts on March 1, 2022.

Court papers revealed that Mogoi had been admitted to Mutuini High School, in Dagoretti, in January 2004. But the diligent student nicknamed ‘Abedi’ dropped out in Form Three and joined Dr Ribeiro Parklands Boys High School, repeating Form Three.

Mogoi scored a mean Grade of B with 65 points in the 2008 KCSE Exams and was admitted to pursue a degree in Land Survey at the Technical University of Kenya. But Mogoi chose to repeat and scored a B+ of 72 points. Egerton University, Njoro admitted him for a five year degree course in Instrument and Control Engineering sponsored by KenGen-where he would have secured employment after graduation instead of staring at a possible jail term.

But in 2012, he skipped a semester in Fourth Year. He was not seen again until 2015 when he returned to finish but instead, pulled a disappearing act even on KenGen, his sponsors.

He went into the Kisii Central Registration of Persons Office as Lloyd Abednego Mogoi and left as Gamaliel Isaac Mogoi

The half graduate: Mogoi left Egerton University in Fourth Year and joined Gachororo Primary School, Juja in class seven. He was so bright he even sneaked to teach Mathematics and Geography to Form Four students at the nearby Gachororo Secondary.

Mogoi resurfaced three years later in 2018 at the Kisii Central Registration of Persons Office claiming he needed replacement for his lost birth certificate. The then 27 year old was issued with a birth certificate number A0541522 under Gamaliel Isaac Mogoi, though his ID card read Lloyd Abednego Mogoi. 

It was as Gamaliel Isaac Mogoi that he enrolled at Gachororo Primary School in Juja in Class seven, after persuading management that his education had been interrupted by financial headwinds.

Mogoi was a university material student at Gachororo Primary and so bright he even volunteered to teach Maths and Geography to Form Four students at the nearby Gachororo Secondary School.

It was the 410 marks he scored at Gachororo Primary that earned Mogoi a place at Alliance High in 2020

The Musketeers: Clockwise from top, right: Moses Otieno Obiero was a Form One dropout who faked his way to top State jobs as Nobert Muhoro Ikundo, Hope Lubega and Robert Mwanyalo. ‘Dr Mugo wa Wairimu,’ a nurse and molester of patients, masqueraded as a medical doctor for years. He was finally fined Sh1.4 million and jailed for 11 years in 2020. Bottom, right: Joshua Karianjahi Waiganjo pretended he was the Rift Valley Assistant Commissioner of Police befall his down fall and ‘Dr’ Ronald Melly who carried out eight successful operations in Nandi County before he was unmasked as a quack.

It was the 410 marks out of 500 he scored at Gachororo Primary in 2019 that earned him a place at Alliance High School in 2020. Lloyd Abednego Mogoi alias Gamaliel Isaac Mogoi is now in remand, awaiting a bail hearing.  

Anjula Mutanda, a psychologist explained that among reasons for living a double life includes   “exciting and dangerous elements besides compulsions and desire to create a fantasy around themselves. It may give the person a sense of power and control of others that they themselves may not feel in their everyday life, thus masking feelings of inadequacy.”

Mutanda warns: “These people are often extremely charming, will love-bomb you, are highly manipulative and can be extremely affectionate, even generous at times.”

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