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Kenyatta’s pistol and the Sh1.67 pending Pilsner bill

While he smuggled VAT 69 into the presidential limo, he preferred lager from the pub inside Parliament By Undercover Reporter @Undercover KE Sir Humphrey Slade was elected independent Kenya’s first Speaker of the National Assembly in February 1967. But the lawyer and ardent mountain climber was more known for his run ins with founding President […]

This week in History

Jamhuri Day: Five women gave birth at Uhuru Gardens, Kenyatta got stuck in mud!

But the most hilarious thing was that Kenyans had not been taught the words of the new national anthem By Undercover Reporter @Undercover KE Kenya attained her independence this week on December 12, 1963-when one in three citizens lived in round mud walled huts. The country had only three African lawyers and 100 telephone landlines, […]

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Tob Cohen: This 1903 letter permitted his burial at Jewish Cemetery

Famous Jews include Abraham Block, the great-great grandfather of  Kenyan  Olympic swimmers Jason and David Dunford By Shifa Mwihaki Feature writer/Essayist Slain Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen was buried at the Jewish Cemetery along Wangari Maathai Road in Nairobi’s City Park area this week. The cemetery is also part history of the Jews who began coming […]