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Wife to Daddy Owen: See you in court, dude!

Farida Wambui demanding custody of their kids and that gospel musician delete all family photos on social media

Mbona: Daddy Owen’s estranged wife Farida Wambu is also demanding interim custody of their two children-and her wishes have been granted by the Children’s Court.

By Shifa Mwihaki

Feature writer/Essayist


Gospel musician Daddy Owen is facing a lawsuit from his estranged wife, Farida Wambui. The celebrity couple who went separate ways last December after four years of marriage will now face each other in court with Wambui seeking damages for defamation over “false, libelous malicious utterances” by her ex-hubby and which were circulated widely in print and social media. Wambui is also demanding interim custody of their two children-and her wishes have been granted by the Children’s Court.

Matters came to a head when Daddy Owen discovered that his wife was having a romp with wealthy 53 year old businessman Albert Njuguna-who also proposed to her at Kika Lodge in Gilgil, Nakuru County. That Daddy Owen was going through a financial Sahara during lockdowns and attendant curfews, did not help matters in the face of Wambui-the better paid of the two-footing major domestic bills.

The ensuing publicity of their marital woes was what led Farida Wambui to sue Daddy Owen with terse instructions from her lawyers

Vanity: Daddy Owen and Farida Wambui are not the first celebrity couple to undergo a nasty split. Before them were fashion blogger and television lifestyle anchor Sharon Mundia and Lonina Leteipan (above), former television anchor, LilianMuli and Njuguna Kanene, Betty Kyallo and fellow media personality Dennis Okari, musician Prezzo (Jackson Ngechu Makini) and Daisy Kiplagat and hype man DNG (Davidson Ngibuini) and Yvette Nungari.

The ensuing publicity of their marital woes was what led Wambui to sue with terse instructions from her lawyers, Amadi & Associates, demanding that Daddy Owen cease talking about their two sons on any social media platforms. Owen is also required to delete all of her photos and that of the children on all his social media  platforms.

The demand letter from Kimani Kinyanjui of Amadi & Associates warn Daddy Owen to: “Immediately cease and desist either through yourself or through your agents and proxies from commenting and or making any public utterances with regards to the children case that is ongoing. Immediately expunge the names of the client, images and those of the minors whatsoever in all your social media platforms as well as your agents and proxies.”

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Osoro, Owen’s lawyer also wrote Wambui’s advocate’s regarding “intimidatory tactics”

System ya Kapungala: Farida Wambui sued Daddy Owen on January 21 cause list number E884/2020 under Nairobi senior resident magistrate H.M. Mbati.

Wambui is also demanding that Daddy Owen return all her original academic documents-which Sylvanus Osoro, his lawyer, replied that his client has never been the custodian of her academic certificates. Osoro also clarified that the children were born of a legal union and that Daddy Owen “cannot act in any manner that will be prejudicial and detrimental to his own blood.”

Osoro also wrote Wambui’s lawyers regarding “intimidatory tactics” and that any “ill advised and intended proceedings by your client against our client shall be robustly defended and repulsed with equal force.”

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