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Why Senator dumped ‘Slimpossible’ lover he met on Facebook for Governor’s daughter

When Mhesh began chatting the comely yellow-yellow on Facebook, he was searching for a wife

Spear head: Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip has put Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s daughter in the family way. Sonko will soon be among the youngest grandfather’s in Kenya.

By Undercover Reporter

Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip is now married to Nairobi Governor’s daughter, but before Saumu was another woman he had met on social media while shopping for a wife. They celebrated with hard drinks and music. He also later lit a roll which he told Hanifa Were, the woman he dated for less than a week, that he sourced the sticks from Ethiopia from where they were flown to Kenya.

Hanifa accused Senator Anwar of threatening her life after dumping her after they met on Facebook in April, 2019. She also claims their fling resulted in pregnancy. Senator Anwar left Hanifa in May and by June 2019 was dating Saumu Mbuvi, daughter of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, now his father in-law who will soon be a grandfather again. Anwar and Saumu are expecting a baby. It will be Anwar’s first, but Saumu’s second from a previous relationship with businessman Benson Gatu-who moved on and began dating Rachel Wanja, another daughter of a governor in Central Kenya!

But before Saumu there was Hanifa, the comely yellow-yellow Senator Anwar began chatting while searching for a wife. The woman who seemed to interested him turned out to be one Kenyans had seen on television as a contestant on KTN’s Ultimate Challenge and later in Season Seven of the Slimpossible Sh1 million prize reality show on Citizen TV in 2017.  

Waking nightmare, source of stress, embarrassment and regret

With a 15 year old daughter, Hanifa felt it was time to settle down, get another baby in any case “It was long since I last dated” recalled the now 37 year old. Anwar Loitiptip, grandson of Maasai political kingpin Stanley Oloitiptip, was her answer.

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They met and began chatting on Facebook that April and Anwar, 32, had made up his mind: Hanifa Were, 37, was the woman of his dreams but which later became her waking nightmare, source of stress, embarrassment and regret.

Anwar acknowledged the short lived fling and explained that it failed due to their age difference. Anwar cut communications and she did not taken the turn of evens lightly. But pestering Saumu on social media pissed Anwar who warned her to back off. Hanifa began fearing for her life after men she suspected were Anwar’s armed henchmen began trailing her.

“I don’t want to turn dead like Sharon Otieno,” she said adding that she woke up to find that her phone had been swapped and all data deleted. “It was reduced to factory settings…I fear I am being traced and had to buy another line.”

Loves labour lost: Hanifa Were was woken up to the Senator singing and dancing of hit song Tetema “as he did to all his other girlfriends.” The affair lasted only a week.

Senator Anwar termed the pregnancy claims as ridiculous arguing “why is she suddenly pregnant six months after we met?” “I am a married man now and she can’t come to ruin my family, insulting my wife on social media.”

He also denied any threats to her life arguing “you cannot force love. I told her to move on since the relationship was not working. She was too old for me.”

Anwar danced for me Tetema as he did to all his other girlfriends

But when they first met, he was all head over heels and to prove his seriousness, Anwar video called her after exchanging numbers and let it known that he was seriously shopping for a wife.

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Main house: Saumu Mbuvi got in a month after Hanifa’s butt was kicked to the pavement.

See, once she confirmed she was game during their Facebook chats, Anwar sent her money and she boarded  a train from Mombasa to Nairobi. He picked her at the August 7 Memorial Park along Moi Avenue. She had earlier been asked “do you want us to have lunch or dinner” and since she settled for dinner then it was in order for it to be prepared in the Senator’s Nairobi home. “The first night was difficult” she recalled without elaborating.

The following day was Labour Day which they followed on television in between Anwar dancing and singing along to Rayvanny’s hit song Tetema “as he did to all his other girlfriends” said Hanifa who also had other pressing problems: She had no change of clothes hata chupi! But Anwar took care of that with an M-pesa transfer for her to go shopping with one of the drivers.

But Senator Anwar was uncomfortable with their four year age difference. She discovered he was 32, not 34. He found out she was 42, not 37. Anwar called it quits. Hanifa was given bus flight back to Mombasa from where symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting got her panicking after engaging in lungula without ‘taking a selfie.’

She later claims that she later learnt she was paged “and I was happy
since my daughter was 15 years and that is a big gap.” Anwar, she
says, blocked her and he argues that Hanifa was only blackmailing him
because he was a Senator and the reason she was blowing it out of
proportion.  “I slipped with this one but that is life. Everybody
needs to move on.”

Saumu has since taken to social media to defend their love and is now flooding her social media pages with images of her pregnancy.

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