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The Second Lady: Governor Sonko’s secret wife is a Nominated MCA!

…But she has since lost her seat after missing in action from the County Assembly for two years in a row!

In the shadow of your eyes: Hon Habiba Hussein is said to rarely appear for proceedings at the Nairobi County Assembly and the reason her position has been declared vacant.

By Shifa Mwihaki

Feature Writer/Essayist

@Undercover KE

Embattled Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s secret wife, Nominated MCA Habiba Hussein Abdallah, has lost her seat after failing to appear in the County Assembly for two years in a row.

When Sonko confessed on live television to having two breathing wives in August last year, it was Habiba he was referring. Her seat was declared vacant by Nairobi County Speaker Beatrice Elachi on March 10.

MCAs are entitled to a monthly salary of Sh165,000, Sh5,000 for airtime, sitting allowance of Sh5,000 per session, monthly mileage allowance of Sh39,800 for intra county travel, as well as per diems for local and foreign trips.

Do the math on how much money was wasted on her salary in two years.

Sources at the County Government whispered to Undercover that Hon Habiba rarely attended Assembly or Committee sittings “as she was more of a stay at home wife. She is domestically barred from coming for any proceedings here.”

Sonko and Habiba were expecting a baby some time in 2017 but alas! the pregnancy was not carried to term.

A Governor’s wife is very important in a county as she can easily spearhead children and women’s issues, but the elder wife, Primrose Mbuvi, is rarely seen in public. While other Governor’s wives are active in their election campaigns, Primrose is always missing in action. Even during public functions, the Governor attends them man-solo.

Sonko’s second wife, the ‘yellow-yellow’ Habiba Hussein, was mostly kept to the back burner: She shouldn’t she be the official Second Lady of Nairobi County.

Though Primrose Mbuvi appeared during the induction of First Ladies in November 2017, Nairobi County hardly feels her presence as a member of the County First Ladies Association which “offers a platform for advocacy on ending poverty, inclusive and equitable quality education, gender equality and empowerment.”

The other Governor whose spouse is never around County First Lady functions, and was not there during their induction, is playboy Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho.

Just like Margaret Kenyatta is active as Kenya’s First Lady, County First Ladies are crucial, providing the softer side of leadership, influencing issues in areas which might appear too feminine-like infant mortality and maternal healthcare.

Sonko’s confession about his second wife was in August this year during the memorial service of Kibra MP Ken Okoth

Coward of the County: Governor Sonko and Nairobi First Lady Primrose Mbuvi who is always in the shadows.

Nairobi would have done with an active First Lady since the city has no Deputy Governor since the departure of Polycarp Igathe in January 2018.

Sonko’s confession about having a second wife was in August last year during the memorial service of Kibra MP Ken Okoth whose French wife, Monica Lavender Okoth, was getting confused at the appearance of a ‘second wife’, Anne Muthoni Thumbi, also called Anita.

Governor Sonko went to spill the beans that he knew Anita was Ken’s side chick and it was an open secret they had a son together. The motor mouthed Governor added the clincher that Anita worked as a nurse with the Sonko Rescue Team when she met Ken.
When one thing led to the other, Ken requested Sonko to nominate Anita as an MCA to the Nairobi County Assembly- which he did “out of respect for Ken.”

Habiba Hussein Abdallah was nominated after the 2017 elections-when Sonko became Governor of Nairobi

What Governor Sonko, who spent a weekend in the coolers over myriad economic misadventures running in the millions, did not say at Ken’s memorial service was that he nominated Anita alongside his second wife, Habiba Hussein after the 2017 elections-when he was voted Governor of Nairobi.

Habiba, always hidden from the public she has no social media footprints at all, is one among 38 Nominated MCAs in the Second Assembly of Special Elect Members at the Nairobi County Government. Of the 38 members, only two are men; Husuni Alawi Mohammed and Kabiro Mbugua.

Hon Habiba also has no social media account of any kind

Man-Solo: Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho has kept his domestic life under wraps. His spouse has hardly been spotted at County First Ladies Association events.

Another Mhesh who did not want to be named since she was also nominated at the same time as Habiba intimated that the Governor a hefty stipend to stay out of the limelight including dealing in Assembly matters.

The Nairobi County Assembly Hansard which records verbatim contributions of members has nothing on Hon Habiba-who also has no social media account of any kind.

Data from the Controller of Budget shows that MCAs’ average salary, allowances and benefits rose to Sh547,146 in the year to June, up from Sh451,827 in a similar period a year earlier – reflecting a 21 percent increase.

The average cost is based on the MCAs’ monthly salary, mileage allowance, airtime perks, per diems and expenses linked to their local and foreign travel. But Habiba relies on her salary, expected perks, stipend from the Governor, but no allowances for local and foreign travel as she rarely travels for official business.

Polygamous Governor Sonko married Primrose after the death of first wife Njeri Wangui. Sonko’s high school sweet heart died 11 years ago. She was the mother of his eldest daughter, Saumu Mbuvi, now married to Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip.


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