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Juliani: I will marry Lilian Ng’ang’a…but I am still young!

Within two months of meeting musician, First Lady dumped Governor Alfred Mutua, like a bad habit!

Bonnie and Clyde: Gospel musician Juliani is settling down with former Machakos First Lady, Lilian Ng’ang’a, after dumping Governor Dr Alfred Mutua. A woman rarely leaves a man by default; least of all, if that man is a governor with Presidential ambitions. Not when you have a hotel bearing your initials, A&L for Alfred and Lilian. A woman leaves by design, something she had been thinking about-but needed a trigger.

By Shifa Mwihaki

Feature writer/Essayist

Lilian Ng’ang’a, the fetching ex-wife of Machakos Governor Dr Alfred Mutua met dreadlocked gospel musician Juliani in June this year. Two months later, she dumped the hubby like a bad habit. All that holding hands, Mutua kissing and dancing with her in public, was kaput!

“I met her around June or July na kama mwanaume, siku lala daro (I didn’t sleep in class), recalled Juliani, whose real name is Julius Owino.  

The musician, who made his name singing from the slums of Dandora, initially just thought they would be friends “but if I get more than that I will thank God,” he told KTN.

Juliani was a single Baby Daddy, Lilian was searching for an exit latch-Chap! Chap!

Run for your wife: Former First Lady Lilian Ng’ang’a and Machakos Governor Dr Alfred Mutua in their palmy days. Successful people are said to have vultures “hovering, wanting a piece of the pie” which includes their marriage. But why do some men separate with women more often than others? Well, psychologists say such people have similar characteristics including; not making lungula a priority, have few arguments, unrealistic expectations, endless trust issues and some are immature.

Juliani, known for hit songs like Utawala, was single, Lilian was searching for an exit latch-Chap! Chap!. By August, the former Machakos First Lady announced, through her Instagram account, that her marriage to Mutua-who has another divorce in his armpit-had gone south and both had amicably called it quits.

But why would a woman leave fuel guzzlers, high-end fashion, meeting dignitaries, an endless battalion of handlers at her beck and call, a life on the fast lane…for a musician running a charity near the Dandora dumpsite? This was the same woman who was so feared at the Machakos County officers “if she didn’t like you, your goose was cooked” once quipped a county official.

What is it about a man whom women leave in a revolving door of blurry affairs? Put it differently; why do some men attract divorces more than others?

Mutua allegedly fled their matrimonial home in 2013, the year he was elected Machakos Governor

Not now, darling: Dr Josephine Thitu, Alfred Mutua’s first wife was left with the bulk of their matrimonial property after their divorce in 2014, ending 14 years of marriage. The properties included their house in Australia and plots in Mavoko, Iveti Hills, Kamulu, Malili and three others in Kitui.

 See, before Lilian, was Dr Josephine Thitu, Alfred Mutua’s first wife whom he wed at the Nairobi Baptist church Ngong Road on July 1, in 2000, to be precise.

A boy and twin girls later, they separated when Mutua, allegedly fled their matrimonial home in 2013, the year he was elected Machakos Governor on Maendeleo Chap Chap Party she said in her suit papers.

Dr Thitu, a pharmaceutical systems specialist, relocated to Australia where Mutua had studied for his Masters in communications-and where their divorced was settled in 2014.

Will Lilian later look back and wonder ‘what the hell was I thinking?” ‘why did I down date?

Yellowing Ex-File: Juliani with his Baby Mama, actress Brenda Wairimu, now the ex-wife. Surveys reveal that reasons for couples separating include; growing apart, endless arguments, infidelity, lack of respect, marrying too young, interference from in-laws, religion, money, abuse, one partner changing and marrying for the wrong reasons.

After their separation, Mutua became a loose ball and he didn’t also ‘sleep in class’ where he met Lilian, then an air hostess, now his ex-wife, eight years after he laid his eyes on the former model. Or will Lilian later look back and wonder ‘what the hell was I thinking?” ‘why did I down date?’’ or will she!?

 Anyway, like politics, love abhors a vacuum and its Juliani’s turn to have a bite of the cherry. He seems to have made up his mind about settling down with Lilian piping:  “I will marry when I am ready. I am still young,” said the 37 year old.

You can be giving her flowers and all she wants is sukuma wiki

The Shrink: Benjamin Zulu, a psychologist, explains that there is a  difference between marriage for love and a  “transactional marriage’ which ends once the transaction is complete. But in Governor Alfred Mutua’s case, Zulu fingers their big age gap as sometimes the younger party- like Lilian “begins to grow and finds themselves, realizing they want different things than they did before.”
Differences also ruin many unions as when one person “has a fire burning to change the world, acquire money, explore the world and the other only wants a quiet life, the relationship cannot stand the test of time.”

Juliani has a daughter with actress Brenda Wairimu, who took a hike from their relationship, leaving him stranded like Sailor Kelly, halfway up the pole of amazement.

“You can be giving her flowers and all she wants is sukuma wiki,” the Hela hit maker said of the affair with Brenda who “takes care of stuff when I am financially down.”

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  1. Mr Mutua, what I can advise you is that, women have a very shallow and poor reasoning. Lilian is just bieng childish. She thinks that she is punishing you for leaving you. Don’t even beg her to come back to you. Siku moja ataanza kulia na kukubembeleza mrudiane. Just move on with your life. Even former President Daniel arap Moi ruled Kenya for 24 years without his wife Lena Moi.

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