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How Omar Lali burnt Keroche money… like a bank on fire!

In one month alone, Tecra Muigai blew Sh1.6 million on her lover. By the time of her death, her account had Sh1, 500

Love boat: Omar Lali and the late Keroche heiress Tecra Muigai. She earned Sh500, 000 net salary as an absentee director at Keroche Breweries and which she shared with her lover.

By GW Ngari



Playboy Omar Lali, the freed lover of the late Keroche heiress, Tecra Muigai, was in the money- her money.

Bank and M-Pesa account transfers from Tecra now show money kept pouring his way and Lali had no spending allergies. In one month alone, August 2019, Tecra blew Sh1.6 million with Lali-who was this July acquitted as a murder suspect in her death from a fall on May 2 this year.

Of that dough, Sh1 million was sent to her from Keroche Breweries for “purchase of office goods” but most of it was spent travelling, shopping, wining and dining with Lali.

Between February and May 2020, Tecra blew Sh2.4 million with Lali most of it in high end hotels. By the time of her death, her account had Sh1, 500 only. Though Kenyans knew her as Tecra, her bank statements are under-Patricia Tecla Wangari Muigai.

A night to remember: Tecra blew over Sh1.3 million at La Mamounia Hotel in Marrakech, Morocco last January. Whenever she was out of the country, she wired more money into the bank account of Omar Lali.

Before her death, Tecra had confided to a family member that she planned dumping Lali for “entertaining” previous mzungu lovers including Anne Clementine Yntje, Lali’s Dutch girlfriend with whom he had a daughter. Tecra was also concerned at the rate Lali was taking her money to the sands.

Paper trail: Tecra would have over a million in her account but blow it within days. Like the over Sh1.3 million above spent in one hotel in Marrakech, Morocco.

As the absentee Director of Innovations and Strategy at Keroche Breweries, Tecra earned Sh500, 000 as net salary-which spent the without heartburn. For instance, the salary paid on January 27th was over by February 4, 2020. Omar Lali was a big beneficiary of her salary. Whenever Tecra was paid, she wired amounts ranging from Sh100, 000 to Sh400, 000 to his account at GulfAfrican bank, Lamu branch.

The windfall: Peponi Hotel, Lamu, where Tecra spent Sh700, 000 with Omar Lali. She also spent money on a boat to transport Keroche products to Lamu, but Lali had other ideas.

That was besides frequent mobile money transfers. Within one week in September 2019, Lali received Sh50, 000 from Eric Bett Cheruiyot, Tecra’s driver and bodyguard-and whom Lali later dismissed early this year.

Lali would also make M-Pesa withdrawals ranging from Sh10, 000 to Sh50, 000 within days. There are no records of money being transferred from Lali to Tecra- who fell to her death this May from Jaha House in Lamu where they had been cavorting together.

Boiler room: Payment for aviation services, her salary from Keroche Breweries and bills settled at Peponi Hotel, Lamu where she often stayed with Lali.

In total, between September and March 2020, Tecra transferred Sh555, 000 to Omari Lali via M-Pesa besides Sh100, 000 wired to him for ‘boat repairs.’

Money sent to Lali increased when she travelled out to London, Tokyo, France, Dubai, Addis, Portugal, Spain and Morocco-where in January 2019, Tecra spent over Sh1.3 million at La Mamounia Hotel in Marrakech. In April last year, Tecra spent Sh500, 000 on food, drinks and shopping in Spain.

Wet Hops: Tecra received Sh700, 000 and spent half it paying bills incurred with her and Omar Lali at The Majlis above. Within weeks, it would all be over.

But that is pocket change compared to what she spent with Omar Lali in Kenya whose currency has lower value than in countries which are playgrounds of dollar millionaires.

Consider: By August last year, Tecra returned to Kenya from her foreign trips. But various cash troughs sent to her amounting to Sh1.1 million was spent between Naivasha and Dar-es-Salaam and was over by September 9. A week later, her Sh500, 000 September salary wired to her on September 16, 2019, was over in two weeks. That means within one month Tecra blew Sh1.6 million on days of carousal with her lover, according to her bank statements.

The fermenter: Omar Lali often received hundreds of thousands which was a big source of arguments with Tecra who was planning to dump him before her death.

Cheruiyot, who was also in the trip as her security, later told investigators the couple quarreled so much he had to interfere, souring his relationship with Lali-who later fired him. It was Lali who paid Tecra’s employees including her house help. The quarrels were about the money she gave Lali whom when confronted was either “elusive, elusive, defensive or angry.”

The Ex-File: Besides wasting her money, Tecra suspected Omar Lali was having a thing with former lover, Anne Clementine Yntje, who sometimes stayed with them in Naivasha.

Tecra’s spending in Lamu, for instance, was more than she spent in Marbella, Spain. In July last year, she forked out over Sh700, 000 at Peponi Hotel, in Lamu where she stayed with Lali. Two weeks later, she was bilas!  In January 2020, she received about Sh700, 000 but spent over Sh350, 000 paying bills at Majlis Resort in Lamu.

Tuma na ya kutoa: M-Pesa transfers from Eric Cheruiyot, Tecra’s driver and bodyguard whom Lali fired.

And with money from the Keroche brewing fortune at his disposal, Omar Lali,  was eating life with a big spoon…including cash Tecra gave him to buy a boat for ferrying Keroche products from Mokowe to a depot in Lamu, but alas! the boat was never bought.

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