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House of Lungula: Just 10 sweaty minutes are enough, woman!

Causes of low libido include poor diet. Kisii men score higher in bed from foods high in fibre which give them energy  

Touch and go: Sexologist Gertrude Mungai argues that a marathon is neither what a woman wants, nor is it a  lasting solution as ‘a woman does not necessarily yearn for lasting men; rather enjoying the moment is the key.’ Viagra, she says, was for treating diabetes and high blood pressure but had the inadvertent side effect of creating an erection where one had failed. But its use in marriage has seen ‘many women confessing to quitting.’

By Camy Akinyi-Gecaga

Contributing editor/Lifestyle

Blue pills are in more demand than popular painkillers like Panadol. ‘Miss Rona’ has made matters worse as contracting the virus leads to decreased horsepower.

Most users of Blue pills are young men in high school moustache and old geezers with one foot in retirement. The aim is one: to earn ‘bedroom bonga points’ if the target is a hot-blooded college girl. Or a fetching mistress with raging hormones. Though the urge to become a stud is fueled by demanding and sexually liberated chicks, research shows 10 minutes are more than enough.

But the myth surrounding how long a man should last has resulted in consumption of roasted njugu karanga, pumpkin seedlings, quail and turtle eggs, chewing at herbal roots like mukombero and sipping Maasai-based concoctions peddled in bars. Others drink copious amounts of Octopus and camel bone soup to increase their bed bar ratings. Its not just in Kenya as in India, it’s a tiger’s penis that’s in high demand and goat testicles in Hong Kong and China.

Why are young barubaru men popping Blue pills meant for men the age of Kenya’s independence?

Horsepower: Milton Ongaya hawks mukombero roots in Nyeri town. Mukombero may contain medicinal value, but that does not automatically qualify it as an aphrodisiac. Sometimes a man can either be in the wrong state of mind, physical health or psychological well-being and which doesn’t need enhancement drugs. Robert Motari is the Nairobi Secretary General of the National Traditional Health Practitioners Association. He says “causes of low libido range from poor diet to family planning injections” but foods high in fibre give men much needed energy “which is why people think men from Kisii County score higher in bed, what matters is diet.”  

But in Kenya, it’s the Blue pill that has been offering stiff results but alas! some men-mostly those in pension category- have been collapsing to death: Think the late Hon Otieno Kajwang, Senator for Homabay County in 2016. His heart attack was triggered by overdose of Viagra, according to postmortem reports.  Then there Machakos Senator Boniface Kabaka whose recent death was in circumstances that mirror Otieno Kajwang’s.

Dr Joseph Ochieng linked overuse of such drugs to heart attacks. But why are young barubaru men popping Blue pills recommended for men the age of Kenya’s independence?

After 4.30: Dr John Ong’ech, head of the reproduction department at Kenyatta National Hospital says all one needs for sufficient libido is a healthy body, mind and soul. Dr Ong’ech says only Viagra has proven libido potency. ‘No amount of mukombero, tiger parts, bites or food will boost a man’s libido. All these are claims which have not been proven through studies and proper research. A good diet and daily exercise should do the trick.’

Dr Kamamia Murichu is the chair, Kenya Pharmaceuticals Distributors Association. He reckons use of sexual enhancing drugs among men as young as 16 is driven by “women who want a ‘Superman’ in bed, besides peer pressure and influence from porn films which force men to try and fulfill a woman’s fantasies.”

Kipkerich Koskei is Kenya’s Chief Government Pharmacist. He says there are over 10 registered sex enhancement drugs with Viagra and Cialis as the fastest selling. More men are also forced to use them as there are few such drugs for women. Again, women require more than physical arousal. This explains why fewer women die of heart attacks even when in the arms of younger men.  

Dr Gideon Toromo, the Baringo County Health Chief Officer says “Viagra is recommended for men aged 60 and above if necessary because it helps to divert blood down there. It is sad cases of young men using it are on the rise and they end up losing their lives for nothing.”

Poor supply of blood to the brain after using Viagra could lead to a stroke

For Mbatha and Rabeka: City relationship expert and sex therapist Maurice Matheka says Blue pills are “just like backup which runs out with time” and that while these drugs send blood to one’s kuni for needed stiffness “the do not increase endurance or yearning for lungula.” While lack of sex drive in many is caused by physiological and psychological factors, it’s the opposite for women with reasons ranging from ageing, medication to deteriorating relationship.

Besides young men, those old but with underlying health conditions like diabetes and hypertension, should avoid Blue pills.

In a recorded video, Dr Toromo explained how Blue pills kill at the height of pleasure: “Viagra (or any other sex enhancing drug) increases blood supply ‘down there’ in men to rise to the occasion and make then strong, warm and firm. In the process, there will be a compromise for men with high blood pressure because the vessel taking blood to the heart is thin… the heart will run short of supply leading to a heart attack. On the other hand, poor supply of blood to the brain after using Viagra could lead to a stroke.”

A man will find three minutes very short if he paid Sh3, 000 for the room plus other expenses for the woman

Equatorial assignment: Does the weather, say cold or high temperatures influence libido and hence the sale of Blue pills? Well, Kenya’s most famous weatherman, Nguata Francis (above), explained that “it could be true but I prefer not to speculate and advise that someone take up the challenge and do the research.” Nguata Francis adds: The study of Biometeorology focuses on how living organisms interact with weather. I think we need to do more research on this, pick one test subject (man) and take them to different environments hot, cold, temperate and observe their libidos.”

Toromo also advises aged men to increase consumption of vegetables but avoid red meat. But use of Blue pills is unnecessary according to Jackson Kimotho of Asili Herbal Clinic in Nairobi.

He says any ‘field events’ between four and 11 minutes are enough according to a study carried out among 4000 men. “Beyond four to 11 minutes could be fatal,” says Kimotho, adding that how long a dude lasts depends on one’s medical conditions and not the ego or how much a man has spent on a woman.

Pumpkin seeds contain zinc which can increase sperm production and is good for a woman’s skin besides curbing arthritis

Before sunset: Pumpkin seeds measured in 250 grams cup are being sold at Sh100 in Nairobi. City nutritionist Rachel Njeri argues that pumpkin seeds contain zinc and other nutrients like vitamins and proteins which can increase sperm production. It is also good for a woman’s skin besides curbing high blood pressure and arthritis.

Listen to Kimotho: “There is a man who counts how much money he spent on the woman, and from which he determines how long to last. If he is not satisfied, he awards himself an extension. For instance, there is a man who will find three minutes very short if he paid Sh3, 000 for the room plus other expenses for the woman.”

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